News & Updates

Hi everyone, hope everybody's keeping well.

We are following the government's dates for proposed opening, obviously these are subject to change (and from previous experience quite likely to change)

Now (and moving forwards) - Open for cream tea delivery
From 29th March - Open for takeaways (hours and days will depend on demand)
From 12th April - You should be able to sit outside and eat, although we only have a few tables
From 17th May - You should be able to sit inside and eat

We can't wait to get some customers back and open up properly.

WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY BOOKINGS (unless you have a voucher). Due to restrictions we just can't afford to have tables sitting empty waiting for reservations. We appreciate this isn't ideal, but hopefully at some point this year that can change.
We are currently open from 9am to 4pm with safety and social distancing measures in place. Opening hours moving forward may be flexible but we're just trying to work all this out. We are not taking bookings at the moment due to limited space (unless you have an Activity Superstore voucher).

We look forward to seeing you